earth stones - diana's talents applied to gemstone jewellery

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A couple of years ago Diana turned her hand to making gemstone jewellery. Passionate about the colours and vibrancy of the tones in each stone, she associates them with the diverse textures of her native Australia.

Diana predominantly works from her gallery at home, and the designs are also available for sale in selected outlets in North Queensland and Victoria. Below is a sample of images, and there is much more available at

Timeless designs will never go out of fashion, and Diana’s jewelley is simple, stylish and suitable for all occasions.

Jewellery design is a particularly competitive market. The quality and originality which Diana stands for are not the only criteria. Many customers are also attracted to low cost imports from Africa, Europe, Thailand and China which allow them to "swap and change" accessories on a daily basis. It's an interesting challenge to develop an online presence in this environment.